Our late night art café launched on 23rd April and happens the  last Sunday evening of each month from 7pm to 11pm at the Wellbeing Centre 110 Sharrow Lane, Sheffield, S11 8AL

Find up to date information about us on facebook and sign up for our weekly newsletter there.  Coming up this autumn we have Everyday Activism, Cuban Dancing and other activities to help us feel good!

The purpose of the Rainbow Heron Late Night Art Café is to promote wellbeing for young people through providing a regular safe space, with peer support and creative activities for relaxation, fun, self-expression, exploration, healing and sharing: a crisis prevention model for young people experiencing mental health problems. The ethos will be one of peer support and we intend that all who take part (guests, volunteers, artists and staff) will benefit from it. It will be mainly run by young volunteers, with a range of local artists and wellbeing professionals contributing one-off sessions.

Activities are free of charge. Light and healthy refreshments will be available for free and guests will be invited to make a small contribution to costs if they are able. We also plan to have occasional collective cooking sessions. All guests and volunteers are encouraged to bring their ideas, interests and skills and be fully involved in the development of the project.

For more information, contact charly.rainbowheron@gmail.com 

We are still recruiting volunteers, including two special roles developing Social Media and Research, which can be carried out from home. Please click the links below to view our Volunteer Role descriptions:

We imagine that the café will develop a spirit of its own, through the people who come along.

The project concept has been developed through discussions with young people, consultations with other organisations and visits to similar projects elsewhere in the country (for example, The Dragon Café  in South London). We plan to run the café as a pilot project for one year in the first instance and carry out impact assessment during that time, in order to share our experiences with other organisations in Sheffield who are interested in setting up similar safe space café projects. The project is funded by Spirit of the Rainbow Heron for one year and we will seek funding to continue it further.

We also won some financial help through Sheffield Soup crowdfunding – and count on support in kind from a number of partners and supporters around Sheffield.

 With many thanks to Gavin Kilcommons aka Delinquent Arts Project who has allowed the use of his artwork to support publicity for the Art House and partner projects.  (Other images below with kind permission of the Art House)