Welcome! You may be here because you followed a link from our ‘Mad Pride’ work, which was made at this event as part of Festival of Debate on 11th March in Sheffield.

After that event, participants decided to update this page with some of their photos of the workshop, and information about what we discussed. we’ve posted that here so that their messages can spread far and wide.

Why ‘Mad Pride’?

We named the workshop after the Mad Pride movement, which you can find out more about here.

This is a video from Mad Pride Hull’s march as part of Hull’s Capital of Culture in 2017:

At the workshop on 11th May, we made postcards to document some of the many ways people talk about mental health in our lives – these might be the narratives we tell ourselves, what others say about us, or what we say about others. It might also be what we hear in the media and from professionals about mental health.


Or, you may have found a windmill. The windmills document the messages we would like the world to hear about our own mental health, and about mental health in general.


This workshop was hosted by Rosie Huzzard, Rainbow Heron, and Festival of Debate. It was live illustrated by [  ] and supported by the Mental Health Activism Group in Sheffield. Thanks also to Hull Mad Pride, Campaign Bootcamp, Create Coffee and Ben Dorey for their previous support and collaboration in our exploration of ‘Mad Pride’.


How do you define yourself and your mental health? How should people understand you? What messages do you have for the world? Bring your self and your reflections, and we’ll create art to send out into the city to challenge and educate using art, craft and reclaimed everyday materials.”

This event is part of the ‘Who We Are’ strand which has kindly been sponsored by Abbeydale Brewery.

For further information and our full programme visit”